Why Adult Learning?

Learning is a never-ending process. In light of this fact, adults also enjoy equal learning opportunities to those presented to the younger generation. The idea of learning as an adult can be daunting, especially if you need to work and attend to your family. It is high time that you ditch those excuses and devote some of your time to learning. And thanks to online learning, you can always work around your schedules and other commitments.

Taking up education as an adult comes with unique benefits. Most adult learners understand the true value of education and show a strong desire to learn. Here are some benefits offered by adult learning.

Keeps the Mind Active

For the mind, learning is like workouts to the muscles. Thus, challenges experienced as one tries to understand a new concept go a long way in helping them become smarter and creative. Studies show that continuous learning reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Improves Professional Opportunities

Constant learning is a good way to expand your professional horizon. A new skill or qualification might help you get a new job, gain a salary, or earn a promotion. Even better, knowledge makes you more receptive to new ideas, cultures, and opportunities.

Inspires Future Generations

Kids tend to feel inspired when they see their parents or adults learning something new. Instead of only letting kids embrace learning through school, you can pass your passion for education by walking the talk. This, in turn, benefits the community and future generations in their pursuit of knowledge.

Challenges Faced by Adult Learners

Adult learning can be a gateway to a new career or promotion at work. The prospects of landing a new job or advancing a career are undoubtedly exciting, albeit challenging. Unlike the youth, adult learners face unique challenges in their pursuit of knowledge. Here are some common challenges faced by adult learners today.

Lack of Time

Balancing family commitments and work can be a tough call. Bringing a new class into the mix when you already have your hands full can be a real hassle. Studies show that many employers offer incentives to employees who want to learn, but only less than a quarter of employees show the will to advance their skills.

Poor Attitude

Time and finances aside, poor attitude is one of the greatest barriers for adult learners. Most adults often find going back to school to be a ‘step backward,’ considering that it requires them to get out of their comfort zone.

Lack of a Supportive Community

When matters adult education comes to the table, most people tend to be somewhat skeptical. Thus, passionate learners might find it challenging to embrace education when they are older, especially when they lack a supportive environment.