Three Creative Skills to Learn Online

Whether it’s sewing, dancing, or drawing, learning new skills isn’t only rewarding but entertaining and can go a long way in boosting your well-being. And with dozens of online learning opportunities available in this internet age, you may be spoiled for choice. So whether you want to turn your newly acquired skill into a source of income or learn for fun, here are three skills to give a shot.


You don’t require any dexterity to learn how to sew; you only need willingness. And, the skill can render you employable. You can apply to Bemz, one of the largest makers of Ikea couch cover supplies. The Ikea covers sold here are made of high-quality and durable material. Whether you are looking for a custom couch cover for a brand-new couch model, extra covers for their seats, or a replacement for an old cover, Ikea covers are known to transform furniture pieces, including chaise longues, loveseats, and modular couches, like no other. Hence, you must be at your best to be considered for employment at Bemz.


Imagine how comforting a freshly-baked bread smell is. Besides, learning to bake your bread will save you lots of cash. Do you have a sweet tooth? You can also learn to knock up macaroons, brownies, muffins, and cakes on your computer.


If cooking is your thing, then there is always time to learn to sharpen your skills. From simple things like boiling an egg and preparing coffee to complex recipes like a French omelet, there is a lot you can learn online.

Why Education Institutions Need an Intranet

Let’s face it; ever since digital learning began, educational institutions have been facing challenges to keep up with this development. That’s why many schools and colleges are yet to shift to online teaching completely. In fact, the institutions have adopted a hybrid approach, where they run both in-person and online lectures. The main problem has been a lack of well-integrated systems and modern user interfaces. Is there a way out? Thankfully, yes.

Modern Intranet

Did you know that a modern intranet platform like Omnia can digitally transform any educational institution into a digital learning center? You can learn more about Omnia by visiting the link. That said, here are reasons why a school may need an intranet.

Improved Collaboration

An intranet makes it possible for a school or college staff to share information. This information can range from school events and activities to meetings, curriculums, and projects. With Omnia intranet, teachers and instructors can share vital data with colleagues, hold conversations, ask for feedback, and update data in real time, making it easy for work to flow seamlessly.

Personalized Learning

For some students, personalized education is the key to their success. Why? Because it allows them to take learning into their own hands. Unlike the 20th-century intranets, which could only be used to store and share data across the institution, Onmia (modern intranet) allows instructors to set deadlines and submit their coursework. Moreover, it fosters communication between learners and teachers, allowing the former to ask questions and receive feedback.